Chosun University has been the light of its time.

It is now preparing for its 100th anniversary.

We create global brand values with creative international talents.

Chosun University’s campus represents the world.

Chosun University,

a university that cultivates success within students and leads regional innovation.

‘Chosun University’

was founded as the first university established by civilians of the Korea. 

immediately after the country’s liberation on September 29, 1946.

It aspirated of reaching 72,000 residents and to foster national talents.

Throughout its 73 years of operation,

There are roughly 21,000 students attending general graduate school,   2 professional graduate schools, 7 special graduate schools, with the 13 college framework of the university.

We are conducting innovative education

by designing a successful educational system

that offers a comfortable space

for everyone to become specialized in their respective fields.

As a result of this,

Chosun University was selected for prestigious projects; the Leaders in INdustry-university Cooperation+ (LINC+), Lifelong University Education System, University Contributing to Advanced Education, Software-Centered University, and Humanities Korea Plus (HK+) consecutively. 

Thus Chosun University has attracted national funding of 172.1 billion Korean won since 2016.

Chosun University fulfills its social responsibility by way of nurturing talented individuals, this accommodates for those timely needs and industrial demands of its community.

We have achieved innovation through ‘practical, creative and convergent’ education of major subjects as well as general education. To increase the quality of education, we continue to organize an exclusive organization and reinforced the educational competency and development of our programs.

Our university can be seen as a leader in medical and biological engineering research by constructing the nation’s first infection control center. Within this field we are introducing advanced IT and sciences for early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases through the early dementia diagnosis technology development project.

From high value added industries to job creation,

Chosun University will continue its challenge for a better future of all humankind.

Innovation for the success of students,

Chosun University-