Dear Parents(Letter from President of Chosun University regarding Coronavirus)




Dear Parents,

We know well your concerns about the recent new coronavirus infection as the beginning of the semester is coming.

Chosun University has established a response team (team leader: Vice President) combined with Chosun University Hospital's Infection Control Department and the University's Health Clinic from January 28 to prevent the spread of infections. We're dealing with it according to the instruction of the Ministry of Education and Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on a daily basis. I would like to say a few words as President of Student Education.

First, I will thoroughly manage international students from China.

Chinese students who entered Korea through the government quarantine system have identified the route through a full-scale survey, and have encouraged self-isolation for two weeks and call each individual more than twice a day to closely observe the status. In addition, under our own International Student Management Manual, future Chinese students are planning to be quarantined for two weeks by entering Green Village, a quarantine dormitory. According to its own manual, after two weeks of isolation, they can move to a regular dormitory only if they have no symptoms and attend classes.

The Ministry of Education has also established a cooperation system for international students, so we will prepare additional measures accordingly.

Second, we will postpone the beginning of the semester for two weeks and prepare for stable academic operation.

We will change the start date of the semester from March 2 to March 16 with the safety of our students as our top priority. We delayed outbound programs such as Chinese exchange students and visiting Uzbekistan culture program, which was scheduled for departure in February, and canceled all group events such as graduation, entrance ceremony, freshman orientation, and student council events. Students will be guided through the university's homepage, SNS, and text messages so that students will not have any confusion.

Third, we will focus on hygiene management in school, including preemptive defense and sanitation supplies.

All employees, including students, are provided with homepages, SNS, and text messages to help them manage personal hygiene and cope with symptoms. Proactive prevention of all facilities on campus is provided, and hand sanitizers are provided everywhere. In particular, infrared thermometers are provided in places where students and international students enter and exits, such as dormitories, central libraries, and one-stop student counseling centers.

If group activities are inevitably necessary, such as registration courses for new students, we will minimize the unit and mandatory use of hand sanitizers and disposable masks (on-site distribution) and check for heat. Please cooperate.

Fourth, We need students and parents' cooperation.

Students and parents who have symptoms of infection or who may be in contact with the patient should immediately manage the disease, even if they have only one of the following symptoms: fever (37.5 ℃ or higher) or respiratory symptoms (cough, sputum, runny nose, sore throat, shortness of breath, chest pain). Contact the Headquarters Call Center (☎ 1339) or your local public health center for consultation and follow the instructions. It is to keep your family and neighbors safe.

We hope you to understand that the school calendar may be flexible, depending on the guidelines of the Ministry of Education and the spread of infectious diseases in the region.

Chosun University will do its best to make students study safely. In addition, I wish you good health.

Thank you.

M.D. & Ph. D. Min, Young-Don

President of Chosun University

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