(Grad School) Guide for conducting a comprehensive examination for the first semesters of 2020




1. Comprehensive Exam Guide

Application for Comprehensive Exam


Enter comprehensive test plan
[Department Head]

Apply for Comprehensive Exam Online

[ Student]

Student need to submit application form to head of department

(Attachment form)

Department head input the subject to system (wing.chosun.ac.kr)

Student need to apply through (wing.chosun.ac.kr) directly. For apply follow the below steps in (wing.chosun.ac.kr)

종합정보시스템Login 어학/종합시험종합시험신청

종합시험응시원서에 신청한 과목클릭 (Click on the courses you applied for in the Comprehensive Examination Application) → 저장 (Save)

2020. 3. 16.( Monday) ~

2020. 3. 26.( Thursday)

2020. 3. 16.( Monday) ~

2020. 3. 26.( Thursday)

2020. 3. 16.( Monday) ~

2020. 3. 27.(Friday)


Announcement of successful applicants in comprehensive exam


Comprehensive Exam Results Submission

[Department Head]


Comprehensive test conducted and graded

[Each department]

Login (wing.chosun.ac.kr) to check the result as follows.


로그인(Login) → 각종시험(Various tests)각종시험합격조회(Check for various types of tests).

- Each of the department have prepared a comprehensive examination reports and results.

- Exam conducted in each department
- Pass mark 70 points or more in each subject.
(For pass each subject)

2020. 4. 21.(Tuesday) Scheduled date

2020. 4. 13.(Monday) 15:00

2020. 4. 7.(Tuesday) ~

2020. 4. 13.(Monday)

2. The comprehensive test subjects and qualifications

Comprehensive Exam Subjects and Qualifications

1. Master

A ) First, candidates need to pass the of the foreign language test

B ) Those who have earned or expected to earn 24 credits ( GPA 3.0 or above )

2. Doctor

A ) Candidates need to pass the of the foreign language test, and the second foreign language test ( Department of Fine Arts and History)

B ) 36 credits acquirer ( GPA 3.0 or more )

C ) Master and Doctorate Integrated Course (doctor) 60 credits (CGPA 3.0 or higher)

v Re-apply candidate
1. Application method: Direct application and submission of graduate teaching team
2. Application documents
1) Report book Part 1 (Output from comprehensive information system)
2) Application for reapply (additional)
3) Re-application fee payment receipt (12,000 won per subject)
3. Bank information: Kwangju Bank/account number 004-107–203321/Account holder (the Graduate School of Chosun University)

v For more details: Graduate School team (062-230-6401,6403)

2020. 3.

Chosun University Graduate School