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We are recruiting students to participate in the HOME ALONE Global Internship Program, which was newly established as a campus international program after Covid-19. Thank you for your active participation.

1. Program Title: 2021 HOME ALONE Global Internship


2. Recruitment Plan

   A. Number of people selected: 5 in total.

   B. Recruitment period: 2021.4.12 (Monday) to 2021.4.21 (Wednesday)

   C. Activity period: June to August 2021     

      (9 weeks in total = 3 weeks of online training + 6 weeks of online field training) 

   D. How to apply: Download the application attached here and submit a visit to the International Affairs Team(to Hyesun Lee, 062-2330-6495) 

   E. qualification for application

     - Selection of students from the first semester of the third grade to the first semester of the fourth grade.

     - Priority selection of high GPA (average GPA) scorers

     - excellent English language skills first

     - No application for students who are on leave, those who are scheduled to graduate, or who are in  master's and doctorate course

   F. Selection method: 1.5 to 2 times the number at our university and the final successful candidates are selected through the last 3 interviews with overseas job managers.

5. Participation costs

    - KRW 1,300,000 / 1 person, participants will pay the participation fee in advance.

   - After completing the internship program, the entire participation fee (1,300,000 won) will be paid as a scholarship.

 6. Other inquiries

   - Refer to the attached file for the application form.

   - Phone inquiries:  Lee Hye-sun (062-230-6495)


※Applicant orientation: February 16, 2021. (Friday) 5 p.m. (It takes about an hour)

There will be an orientation for those who are interested in the programs by the general manager through Zoom. If you are interested in the program, I want you to take part in the orientation and get its outline and expectation effectiveness. (the OT will be carried out in Korean only)