Announcement on the management of the Prayer Room regarding Covid 19





Since last week(July 15), Gwangju has also been designated as the second level of social distancing.

In the second stage of social distancing, religious facilities in the school can be operated with less than 10 people per session once a week(Check below).

Any other activities must be prohibited until we get back to level 1.

And be careful not to use the prayer room by anyone who is not a member of our school.

The public health center is frequently supervised, and if this rule is violated, the prayer room will be closed for the time being.

Your cooperation and patience in these respects would be greatly appreciated.

1. Prayer Room Hours: Every Friday 13:00 ~ 15:00

2. How to use the prayer room

  -Divided into 2 sessions with less than 10 people each (1 session: 13:00~13:50/2 session: 14:00~14:50)

  -Keep the prevention rules (hand sanitization, mask, 2m distance between individuals, etc.)

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