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[Fall semester of the 2021 Academic Year]


 Guidance on Applying for Graduate Master's Degree Thesis Exemption

<Graduate School Inquery> 

·         Application for exemption from thesis: 230-6403 Kang Imdeok (idkang@chosun.ac.kr)

·         Application for exemption from thesis subject to completion registration and special case: 230-6401 Park Sun-woo in charge (parkseonu@chosun.ac.kr)

·         Course registration: 230-6405 Lee Bo-mi in charge

·         Tuition fee payment: 230-6404 Choi Chan-woong in charge



1. Eligible Department: Total 21 Department

Department of Business Administration, Department of International Tea & Coffee Culture, Department of Mechanical Systems and Future Automotive Engineering, Department of Design, Department of Creative Writing, Department of Culture, Department of Law, Department of History, Department of Social Welfare, Department of Western Studies, Department of Fire Safety and Disaster Prevention, Department of Asian Studies, Department of Speech-language Therapy, Department of English Literature, Department of Nuclear Engineering, Department of Nuclear Power, Department of Convergence Creative, Department of Industry, Department of Music, Department of Physical Education, Department of Civil Engineering, and  Department of Environmental Engineering



2.  Eligibility to apply (Existing Master’s Student)

- Current students: Those who are in the second semester or higher as of the end of the 2021 academic year

- Completion registration students (exemption from thesis): Students who are expected to complete (August 27, 2021) and those who have completed

- Student eligible for special cases (exemption from thesis): Students who have passed the term of enrollment (permanent completion)

- Re-admission and transfer students: including late admission students (2 semesters or more) in 2021


  * New students for the Fall semester 2021 academic year can apply for exemption from the Spring semester of 2022 (application will be accepted in February 2022).


3. Application Schedule and Method



Submitting schedule

Applying method



2021. 8. 2.(Mon.) ~

8. 20.(Fri.)

- Current students, re-admission and transfer students: Attachment 1. [Registration/Re-admission/Transfer]

Application for thesis exemption for master's degree


-Those who are expected to complete and those who have completed: Attachment 2. Application for registration of completed students (Exemption from master’s thesis)

-Exceptions (Permanent Completion): Attachment 3. Application for Registration of Exceptions (Exemption from master’s thesis)


- Submit the application to the Graduate School Team (3rd floor, Room 3156) Or, you can send email to the person in charge.

* Contact 230-6401 for confirmation of the year of study for completed students


2021. 8. 23.(Mon.) ~

8. 31.(Tue.)

Nonscheduled admission

(Including re-entry and transfer students in Fall 2021)

2021. 9. 1.(Wed.) ~

9. 27.(Mon.)

The step is classified according to the course registration period, and course registration is possible after graduate school approval.


4. Requirements for thesis exemption: Additional 9 credits (credits taken for thesis exemption after application)

  -> Refer to the Course Registration Guide (Post-announcement on the Grad. school website)


5. Registration and scholarship for the thesis exemption

(a) Current Students: A general master's degree tuition fee will be charged if they proceed with a thesis exemption within the course year, and tuition fees may be reduced through scholarship application.

(b) Student eligible for completion/special cases: Applicants for credit registration shall proceed with the registration, and the relevant students cannot apply for scholarships, such as research grants, because they have already exceeded the school year.


 [Credit Registration]


Group of the Department

Tuition fee

3 credits or less

(Tuition ⅓)

6 credits or less

(Tuition ⅔)

7 credits or more

(Full tuition)

Humanities and Social Sciences

(Including FTA Business Department)





Science/Physical Education/Nursing/Special
















       * The creation and payment of tuition bills for graduates and special applicants will be carried out after the completion of the course registration and correction period.


6. Cancellation of application for thesis exemption: If you wish to cancel the thesis exemption, submit a cancellation application within 1/4 of the last semester [requires confirmation of the requirements for the grant of a degree (various tests and years of study, etc.)]


7. Other relevant matters: Other matters are in accordance with the ‘Graduate School Regulations’ and ‘Guidelines for Exemption of Graduate School Master’s Thesis’.


1.       (Requirements for granting a degree) In order to be exempted from master's thesis by completing additional credits (9 credits), the following requirements shall be met:
(a) Student who has completed regular registration for at least four semesters (three semesters for a shortened class year)
(b) Student who has submitted an application for exemption from a master's thesis (which can be submitted from the second semester).
(c) Student who have taken the “Thesis Guidance” course;
(d) 33 credits or more and prospective recipients ( Provided that they shall be acquired within the year of enrollment, and those eligible for special cases shall be acquired within two semesters after enrollment).
(e) Student who has passed a foreign language examination and a comprehensive examination;
(f) Student who has an average score of 3.0 or more in total completion performance;

2.       (Credit Registration) Those who fail to meet the thesis replacement requirements (9 credits) by the end of the semester must register for each semester until they meet the replacement requirements within Article 11-2 of the Graduate School Regulations.


4.       (Integrated Course Students) Students may apply for a dissertation exemption after going through separate procedures pursuant to Article 10-2 of the Graduate School Integrated Course Cooperative Course Regulations.




1.       [Enrolled/Re-admission/Transfer] Application form for thesis exemption for master's degree.

2.       [Including those who are expected to complete] Application form for students who have completed the course (Exemption from master’s thesis)

3.       Application form for those eligible for special cases (Exemption from master’s thesis).

4.       [Current students] Application for cancellation of thesis exemption for master's degree.

5.       [Students who have completed registration and those eligible for special cases] Application for cancellation of registration for the thesis exemption course. The End.


2021. 7.

Dean of Graduate school

<Graduate School Inquery> 

·         Application for exemption from thesis: 230-6403 Kang Imdeok (idkang@chosun.ac.kr)

·         Application for exemption from thesis subject to completion registration and special case: 230-6401 Park Sun-woo in charge (parkseonu@chosun.ac.kr)

·         Course registration: 230-6405 Lee Bo-mi in charge

·         Tuition fee payment: 230-6404 Choi Chan-woong in charge